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Sunday, September 10, 2006

HW #3 E.U. Privacy Regulations

The European Union Privacy Regulation sounds like a good policy to allow more protection for people against identity theft and being spammed. I personally get annoyed when I get online and have tons of spam mail from companies that I have never heard of, who recieved my information from other companies or services that I was interested in. I would like to see the EU privacy regulations work in the United States, however, I believe that the retrieving and selling of information by companies has become a business. I feel as though people will always be annoyed when it comes to their information being dispersed throughout the world but the people in the U.S. expect it. If the United States begins using the E.U. regulations, I believe over time the sharing of information will decrease but no one will ever be safe, not even with the E.U. regulations. Those people out there who would like to find all that they can on you, will be able to find it. We may start getting less spam but just because regulations are set, doesn't mean that companies will absolutely follow them. Sometimes the benefits of continuing a profitable act is greater than the consequnces of breaking the law. Even though my information would not be given out without my consent under the E.U. privacy regulations, I would not expect much change to occur in the United States.
I like the fact that we may access people's criminal convictions in the United States. When people want to hire someone as a babysitter of their child, they would like to know everything there is to know about the person they are going to hire. I definatly wouldn't want someone with a record of child molestation babysitting my child. I may be mistaken but I believe that those countries with the E.U. privacy regulations do not allow people's records to become public record. That scares me. If I have a suspicion of someone who has immediate contact with me or one of my family members, I would like to be able to search them and find out would I need to know.
The E.U. privacy regulations are a good idea but I do not see them benefitting the people of the United States very much. Yes, I would like to sign into my mail and see less spam but the spam really isnt all that big of a deal. I can always delete the emails and throw away the mail that the companies send me. I wouldnt mind anyone looking up my records because I've got nothing to hide. In order to protect myself though, I would like to be able to search about other people's past, at least to get an idea of where they are from and what they have done. I feel safer knowing that that information is available to me.

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