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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

/.com and Anything Interesting? seems like it is a good site to find random articles but I do not see the site as being useful to me. I did not find any of the articles interesting. I do like how there is a menu on the left hand side so you can choose to only look through sports articles or articles on technology, etc. It seems like there are also a lot of articles posted on the site. In my mind, the more articles, the better for the site and its visitors.
I was unable to find /.com site at first because I had the address wrong. When I went to I was able to find the site however I did not find the site to be very interesting. The site that I was directed to appeared to be a repair service site for computers and gaming systems. I would not consider using this site in the future just because I do not need a console repair service.


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