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Monday, October 23, 2006

random post

Ok, so I am guessing that we are supposed to make a post about anything that we desire as a homework assignment. I couldnt find anything else on the tinyurl so this is what i am going to do...
This morning I went to my practicum at the Citizens Nursing Home right down the street. I have started to grow an attachment to the old people and I enjoy their company. I have to do 120 hrs for my gerontology practicum, which I only have about 25 hrs completed to far. Kinda starting to get worried about whether or not I will be able to get the hrs completed this semester. I am not sure what I want to do after I graduate and after starting my practicum at the nursing home, I am starting to think that I wont be doing something in the gerontology field. I think I need something a bit more challanging and with a more variety of settings. I look at some of the senior citizens at the nursing home and I feel as though that is no way to live out your final years of your life. I know i dont want to put my parents in there, nor would i want to live in one. But when the time comes when my parents need help, I dont know whether or not i could handle all of the tasks involved with an elderly person in need of health care. that i am in my junior year of college, i am getting nervous thinking about my senior year and the fact that reality comes right after that. Starting to get really nervous and unsure about what i am doing and planning for my future.


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